On the Move in the Marshalls is a comprehensive guidebook that takes advantage of the electronic format to show off hundreds of photographs, articles, facts, maps, and tips. There are so many articles and pieces of information about the Marshall Islands that it would take over a week to read through it all; but that's not necessary as the CD has an index page that works much like a Web site, where you select from topics such as:
infomarshallislands web site created by Karen Earnshaw in Majuro, Marshall Islands, 2009.
A woman on Aur Atoll proudly displays her handicrafts.
Marshalls Fact File
The Marshall Islands is a diver's paradise with thousands of pristine reefs.
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The On the Move in the Marshalls CD travel guide was created by Karen Earnshaw, who with her husband Cary Evarts lives on the yacht Seal. They have lived in Majuro for over 10 years. yachtseal@hotmail.com
Yachties fall in love with RMI, with many staying a year or more.
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News from the Marshall Islands
April 2, 2010
Last chance for nuclear case
RMI's nuclear victims have a one-in-a-hundred chance of having the US Supreme Court consider the Bikini and Enewetak appeals. Bikini attorney Jonathan Weisgall said the court should make a decision on whether they will hear the case by mid-April.
Yokwe Bartowe
The DVDs of Jack Niedenthal and Suzanne Chutaro's film Yokwe Bartowe have been flying off the shelves as hundreds of people pick up the locally-made flick.
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Hundreds of articles, photographs, facts, and maps.